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Many modelers know how to do washes, but this site is not just for them. To
make a wash, you need to take some form of paint (enamel, acrylic, artists oils, etc....)
and thin it until it is the consistency of water. You need a ratio of about 10:1
(thinner:paint) to make a good wash. You must thin the paint according to what type
of paint it is. (IE: enamels=white spirit, or mineral thinner, acrylic=acrylic thinner,
artists oils= oil thinner, or standard thinner.) Before you do this, though, you need to
apply a protective flat coat to the model or figure otherwise it will ruin the paint job.
Always do this after any decals have been applied. Take the thinned mixture and soak
it up into a OOO brush. Test it on a ice cream container lid rim. It should draw itself
into the corner of the rim and ONLY in the corner, or any crevices. If it “Paints” the
area, increase the amount of thinner in the mixture until it cooperates. If it is too thin
and is very pale, ad more paint to the mixture. Now your ready to wash. Take a clean,
dry tissue to wipe away any droplets, and get started. Soak up some wash into the
OOO brush, and allow it to draw into the nooks and crannies of the model or figure.
This is excellent for aircraft models with recessed panel lines. One last note, the wash
must be a darker colour than the base coat.