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I am a modeler of about 1 year, I started when I was twelve. I donít know how
I became interested in the hobby, but I knew when I started, this was my niche. Now
I have ammased a large collection of comprising solely of 1/35th WWII German
armour as well as some 1/48th Luftwaffe aircraft.I am also starting to become
interested in large scale figures and busts. Most of my knowledge has been ammased
from British model magazines, which occupy nearly an entire shelf on my bookcase.
It also has a side effect of developing a British tongue, in fact I am starting to
develope an accent! I live in a small rural town located on the coast of New
Brunswick Canada, and as such do not have much contact with other modelers. I
order my kits almost entirely through the United States. I am fortunate enough to live
45mins away from a VERY small hobby shop, which supplies me with paint,
materials and the odd kit, as well as advice. I am currently not a member of any
model clubs, although I attend the Capital Area Modeling Societyís annual show and
competition in Fredericton. I would like to thank the folks at MIS and TMMI
magazine for their great magazines that have helped me become the modeler I am

Jason Cormier