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Revells Ju87b Stuka No.4796

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Why I like the One-minute Page builder:
This kit has raised detail that is represented down to the last
rivet. It includes one decal option but still the sheet takes up half the box, only
because it contains every last tiny bit of stencilling and beautiful markings, exept for
the tail swastika, common on Revell kits. I opted to hand mask mine. I painted the
model Humbrol Matt Desert Tan. The tail band and wing tips must be masked and
painted by hand. I did this and then painted the underside Testors Matt Battle Grey,
but please note this colour is not very accurate ( My Mistake) The cockpit was
painted the same, and the instruments were painted Humbrol Matt Black. The
camouflage was painted with Humbrol Dark Green free hand, I donít like following
painting guides. The decals settled on without any solvent, I donít usually use the
stuff. They were overcoated with Model Master Acryl Flat Coat and allowed to dry
for a day. A complete engine is provided, but would benefit from a PE set..I hand
painted the nose spiral and the kill marks as well as the nickname. I recommend this
kit to more advanced modelers.

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