Kubelwagen & Engine Maintenance set
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Tamiyas Kubelwagen Type 82 and Kubelwagen Engine Maintenance Set.

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Tamiya’s Volkswagen type 82 Kubelwagen No.35213 And Tamiya’s Kubelwagen
For a long time, people were looking for a accurate, detailed, injection
moulded Kubel in 1/35th, and now they have one. Moulded in crisp tan plastic on
separately bagged sprues, this is one of the nicest IM kits I have seen in a long time.
Although simple, this kit leaves nothing out, all doors and lids are separately moulded
so you can position them open. I painted the interior Humbrol Tank Grey and sprayed
two lightened shades of this colour on each panel (Sound familiar?) The exterior was
sprayed Testors Desert Tan, then the camouflage pattern (Humbrol Leather) was
applied with a “Peephole” mask, a piece of paper with a shape carved into it.
(Because my airbrush can’t make fine lines) This was done freehand, using the
instructions as a guide. After a coat of Johnson’s Klear, It was time to decal. The
markings represent a vehicle of the 667 Sturmgeschutz-Brigade in France in the
summer of 1944. They were then overcoated with ModelMaster Acryl Clear Flat
Coat. I did not follow the camouflage pattern. The figure is well detailed, but I would
STRONGLY suggest buying a resin replacement head. According to my references,
the shovel is too long, it shouldn’t be any bigger than one carried by an infantryman.
On to the maintenance set. This set is similar to the kit as it is moulded in the same
type of plastic and packaged in the same manner. It includes a nifty little figure, an
engine and fire wall and boot, err, bonnet,err,darn, details, a water jerrycan, a work
bench various tools, a tool box, several jacks among other things. these were all
painted Humbrol Tank Grey and weathered accordingly.

Jason Cormier

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