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Figures Made Easy

I Donít believe in priming ,wiping, drybrushing again and again, rubbing in,
lightening, etc... Just to paint one figures face. I have divised a method of painting
figures that is quick, simple and has surprising results suitable for beginners and
experts alike. First, airbrush (or paint) the hands and head the desired flesh colour.
Next, take a tube of dark artists oil, I prefer Raw Umber, but you can use any colour
darker than the fleshtone if you like. Put some of this on an OLD brush, and dab over
the face, throat, ears and hands. Immediatly wipe away the exess with a clean, dry
tissue. You should end up with the oil paint in all the crevises and nooks, leaving a
gorgeous shadowed look. After allowing to dry for about two days, you can paint the
eyes. To hide any overpainting around the eyes, give it a light wash of the oil paint.
(See: Washes)